At erasca, our name is our mission:to erase cancer.

We are a clinical-stage precision oncology company singularly focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing therapies for RAS- and MAPK pathway-driven cancers. Molecular alterations in RAS, the most frequently mutated oncogene, and the MAPK pathway, one of the most frequently altered signaling pathways in cancer, account for approximately 5.5 million new patients diagnosed globally per year.

We believe that to effectively shut down a pathway that signals as promiscuously as RAS/MAPK, a holistic approach must be taken to target not just individual nodes, but multiple nodes and cooperative mechanisms in parallel. Consequently, we are pursuing three therapeutic strategies that may be used in combination to comprehensively, and perhaps synergistically, shut down the RAS/MAPK pathway.

Our 3 strategies

Target upstream and
MAPK pathway nodes

with single agents and combinations intended to clamp these oncogenic drivers (MAPKlampTM).

Target RAS, the midstream
MAPK pathway node,

directly with single agents
and combinations.

Target escape routes enabled
other proteins or pathways

to further disrupt RAS/MAPK
pathway signaling.

To pursue these therapeutic strategies, we are developing what we believe to be the deepest pipeline targeting multiple signaling nodes to shut down the RAS/MAPK pathway. Our approach is modality-agnostic, including small molecules, large molecules, and protein degraders—alone and in combinations across multiple tumor types— to selectively and potently inhibit or degrade critical in-pathway and escape-route signaling nodes of the RAS/MAPK pathway.

Vision & Values

At Erasca, we envision a day when the world will no longer suffer from the ravages of cancer. We are passionately committed to creating life-saving medicines—bringing hope, where there was little, that the future can be brighter and cancer free.

Our vision is to one day erase cancer1 in at least 100,000 patients annually as a leading global oncology company.

Our corporate values guide us every step of the way on our journey to erase cancer. They are embodied by our quest for the CURE.

Committed to erasing cancer in patients.

This is why we are here.

United by trust, respect, and integrity.

This is who we are.

Relentlessly focused on team-based execution with agility, creativity, and fun.

This is how we roll.

Exceptional innovation with world-class collaborators.

This is what we do every single day.

  1. Defined by number of patients who are alive and free of cancer or free from cancer progression 2 years after starting treatment on an Erasca regimen, as measured by disease-free survival in the adjuvant setting and progression-free survival in the metastatic setting.

Impact & Social Mission

At Erasca, while our mission to erase cancer inspires us, we know we can do more to make an even broader contribution to society. To that end, we are pursuing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives that are aligned with our core mission.

Erasca Foundation:

In May 2021, we established the Erasca Foundation, which was funded by the donation of 1% of our capital stock at the time of our IPO. The Erasca Foundation provides funding to initiatives that positively impact society and fit within the foundation’s mission, such as cancer research, patient advocacy and support, patient education, and supporting at-risk and underserved populations.

Environmental initiatives:

Both of our physical buildings limit their carbon footprint. Our San Diego office is Gold LEED certified, and our San Francisco office is Platinum LEED certified. Each building also has electric vehicle charging stations and indoor bike racks. We also encourage our employees to recycle, including recycling programs for certain of our lab supplies.

Inclusive clinical trial participation:

We intend to make clinical trials of our product candidates more accessible to diverse patient populations and plan to partner with others who are like-minded in this regard.

Drug access program:

If our products become commercially available, we intend to pursue initiatives to provide patients with access to such drugs, including through patient assistance programs and compassionate use programs.

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At Erasca, our name is our mission: to erase cancer.

It extends from our passion and compassion for patients with cancer and their families who motivate us to do our best work, to our social mission that calls us to do more with the resources we’ve been blessed with to be a beacon of hope...

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